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Valdez Ct, San Luis, CO 81152

Flat, beautifully wooded Wild Horse Mesa property looking over the Western side of Costilla County. Great for camping or use it as your base to explore Sanchez Reservoir (under 30min away!)

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** Flat, beautifully wooded Wild Horse Mesa property looking over the Western side of Costilla County. Great for camping or use it as your base to explore Sanchez Reservoir (under 30min away!)


This 1.40 acre property in Wild Horse Mesa is the one you’ve been waiting for! Sanchez Reservoir is under 30 minutes away and you have mountain views all around.

Get ready to escape the city and spend your free time hiking, fishing, kayaking, climbing and exploring the Colorado wilderness! Costilla county is the perfect spot to forget about the real world for a little while and spend quality time making memories with family and friends.

Wild Horse Mesa (also known as San Pedro Mesa) covers about 75 square miles, a few miles south of San Luis, near New Mexico. The mesa area is home to about 150 wild horses (mustangs), broken into 9 bands, roaming on private lands. They are descendants of horses used by Spanish explorers (conquistadors), brought to America in the 1500’s. Spaniards began bringing horses and cattle to North America starting in 1493, after Columbus landed in 1492. Spanish explorer Vazquez de Coronado visited this region, crossing northern New Mexico, looking for the Seven Cities of Gold in his expedition of 1540-1542.

Property Information

Parcel Size

1.40 Acres




Costilla, CO

Nearest Cities

San Luis

Parcel Number


Legal Description

Lot 24, Block 110 of WILD HORSE MESA, Valley Highland, Section K







Dirt Road


37.088300, -105.489800


Vacant Lot – Residential

Area Information

Sanchez Reservoir – San Luis

Sanchez Reservoir is 15-30 minutes from Wild Horse Mesa. The Sanchez Reservoir SWA is a popular spot for anglers during the summer, as public access is restricted to fishing use only.

Boating: Both motorized and non-motorized boats are permitted for fishing-use only on the Sanchez Reservoir. Onsite, there is a parking area with bathrooms and a boat ramp near the north end of the reservoir.

Fishing: The Sanchez Reservoir offers licensed Colorado anglers a chance to experience some of the best cool water lake fishing in the state. Although visitors are free to use live bait or flies, bow fishing is strictly prohibited. Anglers may catch walleye, carp, channel catfish, northern pike, perch, white suckers, walleye and more in the Sanchez Reservoir. Before you make your catch of the day into dinner, it is strongly advised to stay up to date with the fish consumption advisory for the area that was developed by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Camping and Building

Camping is welcomed for 14 days, every three months. A long-term camping permit can be acquired from Costilla County.

A one-story home must be at least 600 square feet minimally. When purchasing property, the 5-acre lot will provide plenty of room to walk through the lush green of spring and early summer.

Wild Horse Mesa allows manufactured homes, as long as they were developed after 1975. After purchasing land in the, you do not have to build on it. Your lot can be held, indefinitely.

Wild Horse Mesa has no HOA/POA!

FAQ about Costilla County, Colorado

What are the restrictions?

  • For a site-built home, you need a 600sqft minimum footprint.
  • Mobile homes are allowed.
  • You can camp for 14 days (every 3 months).
  • Temporary RV Occupancy permit available ($250 fee – good for 90 days at a time while building, renewable).
  • The zoning office is open Monday through Thursday and can be contacted at (719) 672-9109 to answer any questions.

What are the utilities?

Our selective properties are close to homes or power lines. Most of the property owners in this area choose the following utility options:

  • Power – Solar
  • Water – Water Tanks or by Well
  • Sewer – Septic

Closest Towns and attractions?

  • City of Fort Garland – Population ~481 Home to a mission-style Catholic church and a couple of restaurants, the town is most noted for its namesake structure, the historic Fort Garland.
  • City of San Luis – Population ~790
  • City of Blanca – Population ~498
  • City of Alamosa – Population ~9441 You will find an airport, university, hospital, and Walmart
  • Great Sand Dunes National Park – Try “Sandboarding” at this national park!
  • Mt Blanca – Hike up and check out Lake Como!
  • Fishing – Several reservoirs are excellent for fishing and boating: Eastdale Reservoir, Sanchez Reservoir, Smith Reservoir, and Mountain Home Reservoir. These reservoirs contain a variety of fish species such as walleye, pike, and several species of trout, bass, among others.
  • Hunting – Costilla County offers some of the best big game hunting in Colorado. There is a “Greenbelt” that has over 5,000 acres set aside for hunting and recreation. The Trinchera Elk Herd in Game Management Unit 83 (Costilla County) is one of the largest in Colorado with an estimated Population of 16,000 elk. Over-the-counter bull licenses at the Post Commissary in Fort Garland for most Game Management Units.
  • Mountain Biking – Angel Fire Resort has a really cool bike park that they’re always working on, adding to, and improving. It is the largest Bike Park in the Rockies and has been voted Best in the Southwest by MTBparks.com! With a summit elevation of 10,677 feet, the Angel Fire Bike Park offers lift-accessed downhill biking with over 60 miles of trails for all ages and abilities.

Are livestocks allowed?

Most of our properties are zoned residential and are not intended for agricultural use

Can I access the property year-round?

Most of our properties in Costilla County can be accessed via U.S. Highway 160 or Highway 159, a paved, two-lane highway. From Highway 159 or 160, access is via County Maintained dirt road. Most properties can be accessed with AWD vehicles in Fall, Summer, and Spring. Some higher altitude properties (mountain properties) can be harder to access in winter due to snowfall. We recommend buyers to visit properties by AWD/4WD vehicles, and off-road vehicles are optimal.

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