Can I visit the property?

Absolutely!  Feel free to walk the land before you purchase it. Please confirm with us before your visit so we can send you the detailed directions.  We also ask you to be respectful of the land and any neighbors that may be nearby.

Can term buyers use the property during the term of the loan?

Mostly Yes! The Buyer is entitled to possession of the property for the life of the financing.  However, use may be restricted further by additional agreements with us.  Some restricted uses include building or using it as your primary residence.

Do you offer refunds?
  • Cash Transactions are final and no refunds/exchanges will be issued
  • Term buyers have 30 days after the downpayment date to exchange or get a refund for their purchase. Down payment will be refunded in full. The document fee is non-refundable.

Yes, you can pay off your loan anytime. No prepayment penalties!

  • No. We own all the properties we sell. We are not affiliated with other companies or agents.

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